An introduction to SQL Joins

  • Inner Join
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Full Outer Join
  • Cross Join
  • Self Join
customer table
transactions table
Inner Join
FROM Customers
INNER JOIN Transactions
ON CUSTOMER.customer_id = Transactions.customer_id
Left Join
FROM Customers c
LEFT JOIN Transactions t
ON c.customer_id = t.customer_id;
Right Join
FROM Customer c
RIGHT JOIN Transactions t
ON c.customer_id = t.customer_id;
Full outer Join
FROM Customer
FULL OUTER JOIN Transactions;
SELECT columns_list
FROM table1 t1
INNER JOIN table1 t2
ON t1.column_name = t2.column_name;
SELECT Column_name
FROM Table_1 t1
CROSS JOIN Table_2 t2;

Explicit Join vs Implicit Join

SELECT column_names
FROM table_1
JOIN table_2
ON table_1.common_key = table_2.common_key;
SELECT column_name
FROM table_1, table_2, table_3
WHERE table_1.common_key = table_2.common_key
AND table_2.common_key = table_3.common_key;
FROM table_1
FROM table_2;




Data Analyst | BI Analyst | Tableau Expert.

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Yomisola Adegeye

Yomisola Adegeye

Data Analyst | BI Analyst | Tableau Expert.

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