How to use multiple fields as label on a bar chart in Tableau

Nine fields in the label pane
Displaced labels
IF [Measure Parameter]='Drawn' THEN [Drawn]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Goal Difference' THEN [Goal Difference]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Goals Against' THEN [Goals Against]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Lost' THEN [Lost]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Goals For' THEN [Goals For]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Played' THEN [Played]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Points' THEN [Points]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Position' THEN [Position]
ELSEIF [Measure Parameter]='Won' THEN [Won]
Well placed labels




Data Analyst | BI Analyst | Tableau Expert.

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Yomisola Adegeye

Yomisola Adegeye

Data Analyst | BI Analyst | Tableau Expert.

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